Caroline Bowman - NHS Education for Scotland

Caroline Bowman Sharing practice a personal reflection Career to date

SVQ 2 pilot study at Stevenson College No job guaranteed Acute Medical admissions -12 beds Medical admissions 30 beds ICU seven and a half years

January 2004 completed Cleanliness Champion Career to date - Part time secondment Never again!!!! 2 roles SVQ 4 Management

SVQ Assessors Course BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care 2006 CC role made substantive Agenda for Change !!! Sharing Practice

Need to get everyone involved From Managers down-- Effective leadership Porters and domestics to be involved Grass roots up approach Visit all areas of NHS Lothian

Passion and enthusiasm Hard graft Challenges Turned up everywhere at meetings Prove my worth

Involved in audits even though not seen as a high flyer in the organisation Dyslexia English as a second language

I have to include this !!!! Initiatives to date Workshop sessions Study days Drop in sessions

Personal development afternoons Extraordinary general meeting Hand hygiene awareness sessions Global hand hygiene days Other initiatives

60 years of NHS Glasgow 2 participants oldest and youngest Cleanliness Champions in Scotland Dress code and uniform policy audit non compliance 3161 members of staff audited over

17 sites Stressor !!! Lead uniform policy and dress code group

Highs Award winning Laundry DVD More rogue items Sharing Practice


Thoughts for the days weeks and months ahead Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct, they are matters of education and like most great things you must cultivate a taste for

them" Benjamin Disraeli Soap and education are not as sudden as a massacre ,but they are more deadly in the long run Mark Twain

In Conclusion If you are a Champion you have to have it in your heart Chris Evert

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