2.2/2.3 Professional Development Framework 3.1 Parent & Family Engagement 3.3 Strategic Partnerships 3.4 Advocacy 3.5 Membership And Chapters 4.1 Multilingual Excellence 4.6 Budget & Fund Development 2.2 Data Dashboard (Pending) PRIORITY AREAS HIGHLIGHTSPROGRESS SINCE JULY 2016 Since July 2016 Uniform look Department submenus Links to online forms

Prop 58Next Steps Post-Election Resources Ongoing (monthly updating) CABE Resource Center CABE Corner Design for Success Website HIGHLIGHTSPROGRESS SINCE JULY 2016 Regional Conferences Bakersfield273 attended- Successful! Exceeded 105% of Budget Monterey248 attended; accomplished 92% of Budget as of November 2016 Sacramentonext week! Annual Registration for CABE 2017 Increased by 32% Exhibitor Registration for CABE 2017we are full!

Presenter Registration Fees Increased; 47% Team Restructure: Gained two full time, one part-time (AR/Reg) and one temporary part-time staff on Conference team Customer Service Response has improved New systemselectronic and web presence Exciting content and programsrelevant to the current needs in the field. 2.2 PDProgram & Events Delma Chwikinski HIGHLIGHTSPROGRESS SINCE JULY 2016

Revising PD Framework to align with EL Roadmap PD focus areas: Biliteracy, Integrated/Designated ELD, ELPAC Exceeded 2015-2016 revenue goal by $105,228 ($488,228) Exceeded revenue surplus goal by 9% (39%) Current 2016-2017 contracts valued at $495,285 Invitational event revenue at $38,910 Contract proposals out for $81,500 Within $10,305 of meeting 2016-2017 goal of $626,000 PDS team now Karmina (FT),Andrea (PT), 4 new consultants, 17

total) Binational Project GLAD Pilot Project success, new cohort ELPAC Institutes (Palmdale, Woodland, others)* Elementary Dual Immersion Institute (2-days; Orange Co.)* Secondary Dual Immersion Institute (2-days; CSU Fullerton)* 2.1/2.2 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Kris Nicholls HIGHLIGHTSPROGRESS SINCE JULY 2016 P2I engagement and impact is growing! 19 districts, 53 schools, 1 Charter School, 1 COE P2i graduations (40 school sites held graduations through Jan 2017) I3 grant continuing our work with school sites. January MSQ, MV and Jan will begin working on the Annual Performance

Report due in March. We are in the final year of the i3 Grant. P2i current contracts $343,322 (2016-2017 FY). Currently we have exceeded goal of $275k by $68,322 Plaza Comunitariaworking in 5 districts, Grants $40,000 Mexican Consulate LA and $1,000 from Mexican Consulate in San Bernardino - Total of $41,000 P2i/IT department is developing new promotional brochure of our services which will be ready for CABE 2017 3.1 Family & Community Engagement Maria Villa HIGHLIGHTSPROGRESS SINCE JULY 2016

Cross-Border Relations on Behalf of CABE Binational GLAD Implementation CABE-SEE MOU in Action Plaza Comunitaria Funding 2017 Advocacy in Support of Prop 58 Strategic Partnerships with State Officials in support of CABEs cross-border work 3.3 Strategic Partnerships Enrique Gonzalez HIGHLIGHTSPROGRESS SINCE JULY 2016 Continued partnership with Californians Together (CalTog): Participation in ELLI Steering Committee Meetings & Fellows meetings. Continued partnership with LCFF Coalition: Participation on conference

calls with the Coalition & SBE staff. Assisted in developing Coalition letters on Evaluation Rubrics to SBE. On-going participation on Prop 58 calls & presentations to Pepperdine University, Sacramento State University, Sacramento COE. Commencing work on implementation of Prop 58. Attendance of SBE meetings on July, September, November 2016 &January 2017. Testified before SBE on ESSA State Plan, LCAP Template & Evaluation Rubrics. Worked with CalTog to organize the field regarding EL Academic Indicator before the SBE. Several CABE Board members & Project 2 Inspire staff testified before SBE on our request. Legislative Activities: Lobbied sponsored bill (AB 2350 ODonnell), monitored bills & testified on bills followed by CABE & CalTog, developing & maintaining working relationships with key legislative staff. Serve as resource on issues regarding Els, special education, dual language programs, American students in Mexico Continued work with CABE Board & Legislative Committee. 3.4 Advocacy Martha Zaragoza Diaz

HIGHLIGHTSPROGRESS SINCE JULY 2016 EVIDENCE OF GROWTH Number of Active Chapters22! (One year ago12 active chapters) Increased support at HQ chapter (Josh, Roxy) allowing Consultant to focus on relations and growing involvement of members and chapters Communication: Facebook, Webpage, Basecamp2 transition to Basecamp 3, updated chapter leader contact list Chapter & Affiliate Annual Reports: 77% completed and rebates were mailed in November Membership Receptions and Table held at Regional Conferences Monterey and Bakersfield, Sacramento FOCUS AREAS FOR 2016-17 Membership and Chapter Drive Suggested Committees & Descriptions Communication, training and support for Chapters in conjunction with Region Reps Involvement of CABE Board and Team with Local Chapters

3.5 MEMBERSHIP & CHAPTERS Stanley Lucero & Joshua Jauregui HIGHLIGHTSPROGRESS SINCE JULY 2016 Dual language instruction website adds key features and ability to add schools University Seal of Biliteracy begins pilot programs English Learner Legacy and Leadership Institute (ELLLI) adds Aspiring English Learner Advocates to program Passage of Proposition 58 leads to need to identify model programs Identify and encourage non-participating schools to award Seal of Biliteracy (in collaboration with CalTog)

4.1 MULTILINGUAL EXCELLENCE Claudia Lockwood HIGHLIGHTSPROGRESS SINCE JULY 2016 Ended fiscal year 2015-16 with a $83 K surplus Grew annual revenues from $2.2 million in 2012 to $4.1 million in 2016. Expanded contracts and services (PDS, P2I, Plazas) Increased attendance at annual conference by 9% Surpassed conference sponsorship budgetary goals Secured grant funding from IME Becas Secured contract grant from Sobrato Family Foundation Engaged with Sobrato Family Foundation around increased funding 4.6 BUDGET & FUND

DEVELOPMENT Jan Gustafson-Corea Q&A Questions & Affirmations

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