Braden and Braden Q Power Point for Mettings

BRADEN AND BRADEN Q G O L I V E J A N U A RY 2 6 T H , 2 0 1 2 WHATS CHANGED / WHATS NOT Summary of Change: The documentation of the Braden Score and initiation of Pressure Ulcer(s) within the Braden Advisor will now be shared with HED. Double documentation will be eliminated. Changing Braden is being integrated with HED Braden Links located in Care Organizer and HED will open HEO session allowing access to Braden Advisory from within HED (Just type Braden to bring up advisory.) Daily Braden Score from Braden Advisor will be shared with HED Pressure Ulcer and Stage of Ulcer in Braden Advisor will be shared with HED Starting or ending a Pressure Ulcer in Braden will start or end in HED (*only those Pressure Ulcers originally started from Braden will have this linkage so a PU started in HED cannot be ended from Braden) Not Changing Braden Advisor Skin Assessment

Braden Assessment Pressure Ulcer Assessment if applicable Braden score order will automatically populate to HED Pressure Ulcer Prevention Orders automatically generate to HEO/WIZ from Braden WORKFLOW CHANGES 1. Pressure Ulcer policies for Adults (CL 30-09.01) and Peds (CL 30-19.03) are not changed. 2. Braden Advisor is not changing but you will access from within HED/Care Organizer. 3. New workflow will be to complete Braden first and to then complete any Pressure Ulcer-related documentation in HED. If you start a new Pressure Ulcer in Braden, it will start the new Pressure Ulcer in HED. If you end the Pressure Ulcer in Braden, it will end the Pressure Ulcer in HED.

(NOTE: Pressure Ulcer Documentation started in HED will NOT go to the Braden Advisor. Its a one way street, Braden to HED.) 4. There are elements of the Pressure Ulcer assessment that are NOT in Braden but are in HED that will still need to be completed each shift. 5. Pressure reduction devices and beds still ordered through PMM. BRADEN AND BRADEN Q GO-LIVE DAY 1.On Thur., Jan. 26, we will use the Pressure Ulcer Dashboard as a reference for patients with active Pressure Ulcer. For each of those patients Systems Support Services staff will assist the patients nurse to: End the currently active Pressure Ulcer(s) in HED using Ending Comment Pressure Ulcer is NOT ending but is being re-entered to connect Braden & HED Access the Braden from HED, complete the Braden Screen and re-start the Pressure Ulcer(s). It will show up in HED with the Start Comment Generated by Braden Advisor. The Pressure Ulcer will automatically appear in HED in Incision/Wound Assessment Section.

Document the remaining assessment elements in HED. 2. System Support Services Staff will be rounding during day shift on Jan. 24 to assist with transition and will be on call for any issues thereafter 1 1 2 Steps to Open Braden from Care Organizer or HED 1 1. Click on Braden Scale 2. When HEO/Wiz opens select Protocol Order and the name of the Patients doctor Usual Braden Screen will

appear. 3. Continue as you normally would to complete Screen & document about any pressure ulcers present. Braden Q for Peds Units 1. For newly admitted patients, When Braden opens, it defaults to the Adult Braden Advisor, click on Switch to Peds link at the top of the advisor to retrieve the Braden Q Advisor.

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