Payables Training Payables Training Agenda Inbox Creating Bills Approval Workflows Managing Vendors Managing Payments

BILL.COM CONFIDENTIAL 2 The Small Business Challenge with Payables Most Companies struggle with manual processes ENTER Bills, contracts and other documents flood in via mail or email. PAY

APPROVE RECONCILE Accounting System Messy approval chain. Manual routing, approval delays. vs. Email Paper piles up. Enter payments into

online banking. Re-enter into account system. Mail Interoffice Tedious data entry into account system. Paper-intensive Gather approvals.

Print checks. Sign, stuff and send. Time-consuming Manual CONFIDENTIAL Bank Accounts Reconcile bank accounts with accounting system.

Time-consuming exceptions. Audits burdened with buried documents and incomplete audit trails. Fraught with Risk 3 The Solution provides a solution that is simple, fast and secure ENTER

APPROVE RECONCILE PAY Receive bills via inbox, enter code, click "OK" View and approve bills online from any device Simply click "PAY"

Automatic sync with accounting system, easy audits Paperless Automated Efficient Secure CONFIDENTIAL

4 takes the hassle out of managing payables Simplifies & automates Bill Payment Save >50% of time spent on tasks

Eliminates your stack of paper Automatically digitizes paper bills & invoices Stores ALL documents in an electronic filing cabinet Automates approvals workflow Route bills to one or multiple approvers Seamlessly collaborate with vendors, customers, employees One-click to pay Bill Pay Plus prints and mails checks to vendors Pay by ACH and invite vendors to get paid electronically No more double-entry via Accounting Sync

Syncs bill payment into accounting systems Works with QuickBooks, Xero, NetSuite, Intacct, and others Anytime, anywhere mobile access View, approve and pay bills on the go 5 Home Page To Do List Shows actions items depending on the user, such as Documents to Process Bills to Approve Payments to be processed

6 Inbox 7 Inbox Unlimited Document Storage is provided in 3 Secure ways 1. Email 2. Fax 3. Drag and Drop or Browse 8

Managing Bills 9 Creating Bills Vendor and account lists pull from accounting software Bills can be routed for approval for review Bills can be exported or synced back to your accounting software eliminating double data entry. 10 Accounts Payable = Money the Business Owes A vendor is a person or company that sold the goods or services A bill is an invoice received from a vendor, entered, and reviewed to be paid Expenses are the Cost of being in Business and Cost of doing business (COGS) Items are anything the company

buys, sells or resells Individual Bills identify who is being paid, how much and for what 11 Approval Workflows 12 Approval Workflows Approvers have access to all the information they need to verify the bill is correct. Notes and approvals as part of the audit trail Approvers can also compare the current invoice

against the past invoices 13 Mobile Application 14 BDC App Roles and Permissions

15 User Roles and Business Scenarios Bills get sent to via fax, email or upload Clerk Accountant Administrator Payer Administrator Schedule bills for

payment/ manage cash flow Process Documents Enter Bills User Roles Clerk Payer Approver Accountant Administrator

Accountant Accountant Administrator Approver Administrator Sync Accounting Software 16

Vendor Management 17 Set up Vendors for Epayment Transition more of payments to ACH by connecting to the Network 18 Invite Vendors to the Network

19 How To Enter Vendors Banking Details Manually 20 Managing Payments 21 Payments Once approved, payments can be scheduled for processing.

Checks are printed and mailed automatically Vendors can be set up to receive ePayment Notes between users can also be seen by the payer 1. Pay using Linked Bank Account

2. Set Checks to print from within Accounting Software 3. Record as paid outside of 22 Payment Timing Lead Time 23 Handling Payments Made Outside of Option 1 24 Handling Payments Made Outside of Option 2

If the payment is already recorded in accounting system, select the option to Do not sync to avoid a sync error. 25 Integration with Variety of Accounting Softwares Eliminate Double Data Entry Maintain Consistency Simplify Reconciliation Expand Access to Accounting Information 26 Thanks Magically Simple Business Payments Additional Materials 28 Payables Overview 29

Article Links Setting up your Inbox

Manage emails for documents emailed to your Inbox Scanning documents to your Inbox with your smartphone Processing Items from the Inbox Mobile app: Create invoices Mobile app: Approving and denying bills Creating a bill with a document Approval Workflows User roles and available permissions User Roles And Business Scenarios 30 Article Links Cont.

Large Biller Vendor ePayment Setup Inviting a vendor to be paid electronically Set up ePayment for existing vendors Lead time preferences and how they impact payables Bill payments using a credit card Bills paid outside of Accounting System Sync Matrix


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