Basic Computer Skills

BASIC COMPUTER SKILLS Instructional Support Services Isaac and Kaitlin Basic Parts Hardware Monitor Keyboar d Computer Tower

Mouse Software Windows vs. Mac Operating System Computer Programs Installed Example:

Microsoft Programs iTunes Games On Your Screen Quick Access Toolbar Tabs Ribbon Project Area View Buttons Zoom

Control Using Windows Starting Programs Double click to open. The program

opens in a new window. The program will be represented by a button on the taskbar. Searching within the Computer Managing Your Files Saving Files

Places Flash/ USB Drive FTP to (K:) Drive Desktop Managing Your Files Continued How to Save Save vs. Save

As Save As Can rename file so that previous work is not overwritten Save Saves under current document name

File Tab Save Button CTRL + S Managing Your Files Continued Transferring Files Copy and Paste Hot

Keys: CTRL C and V Right Click with Mouse Drag and Drop FTP Deleting Files

Right Click with Mouse Delete Key USB Dos and Donts Do Log in to the computer before inserting flash

drive. Push flash drive all the way in. Allow the computer a few moments to recognize the device. Dont Remove before properly ejecting. FORGET your flash drive. FTP and Your (K:) Drive

Access K: drive on UMSL computers Saving Directly Programs Internet & Web Publishing Secure FTP Access From Your Home Follow above link at: nology/tsc/filestoragespa ce/index.html

Download on Home FTP and Your (K:) Drive Continued Transferring 1. 2. 3. Open Secure FTP Program Click Quick

Connect Enter Username (Your SSO ID) FTP and Your (K:) Drive Continued 4. When prompted with this alert CLICK NO 5. Enter your SSO password FTP and Your (K:) Drive Continued There are now two screens:

Left - contains the files of the computer that you are currently logged on to Right contains the files within your (K:) drive FTP and Your (K:) Drive Continued Open the folder that contains the file you wish to transfer. Right click on the file and select:

7. 8. UPLOAD if transferring files to (K:) drive from current computer on the LEFT DOWNLOAD if transferring from (K:) drive on the RIGHT to your current computer Remember to disconnect. 9.

File Disconnect Personalizing Your Computer Adjust your settings in the Personalization Tab of the Control Panel. Personalizing Your Computer

You can select a theme or create your own. Adjust your: Background Task Bar Sounds Screen Saver Adjusting Your Background

You can browse optional photos through the drop down menu or the browse button. Adjusting Your Background Adjust the fit of the photo on the screen here. You may select multiple photos.

Adjust the time between photo changes here. Adjust the random shuffle of the photos here. Adjusting Your Screen Saver

There are a variety of screen saver options for you to choose from the drop down. Check this box to have your computer direct to your log in screen once you resume working on the computer. Change the amount of idle time required to induce your screen saver here. Preview the screen saver by clicking this button. Adjusting Your Screen Saver

You can select your own photos as your background. Click the Settings button to make adjustments. Select photos by clicking the browse button. Change the speed at which the photos

change here. Changing Your Visibility Start > Control panel > Ease of Access Center > Magnifier Tool for Display Keyboard will open as a

window on your display Change Size of Text and Icons Adjust Your Volume Click once on the speaker at the bottom right portion of your screen Slide this bar up and down to adjust Task Manager

CTRL + ALT + DELETE Programs Utilities Task Manager Lists all programs CURRENTLY running on the computer. Programs can be

closed here. Good solution to minor computer Useful Tools Accessories Snipping Tool Calculator Useful Tools: Snipping Snip parts of your screen

UMSL Software Microsoft Programs: Word Quick Access Toolbar Tabs Ribbon Font Type Font Size Other Font Controls Project Area

View Buttons Zoom Control Other Programs Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint also offered Blackboard Instant Messenger Registering Via

MyGateway Access and Use Programs Internet Blackboard IM Can instantly message classmates. Programs for Class Entertainment Software

iTunes Windows Media Player QuickTime Moviemaker Adobe Photoshop

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