Areas of Emphasis - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Introducing Emphasis Areas Changing Our Approach to be More Effective Our Reality Service wide: Tighter budgets More congressional scrutiny Continued progress on Strategic Habitat

Conservation In the Southwest Region: Workforce = less capacity

2014 staff = 935 Endangered species workload

2012 staff = 1080 90 listing/critical habitat determinations over the next several years Water availability/quality Border issues Energy development Climate change wildfire and drought

Addressing Realities: a Strategic Approach We have identified areas that promise the highest return on our conservation investment Criteria Employ efficiencies to achieve conservation results (Return On Investment) Provide Regional flexibility to deal

with Region-specific context High ecological value Where we have a presence Where we can use / leverage our resources wisely Criteria Focus on species and habitats across our region to maximize conservation benefit Define success and gauge our progress along the way

Collaborate with State partners We are One Service with the shared purpose of conservation Science and Strategic Habitat Conservation Strategic Habitat Conservation: Coastal Texas - Aransas

Tidal flats submerged Marsh increase Coastal Texas - Aransas Coastal Texas - Aransas Predicted Carrying Capacity WCs

2008 2100 Aransas NWR 415 239 Study area 3,342 2,249 Habitat decline Habitat increase Putting the Pieces Together

Emphasis Areas The Gulf Coast WHY? Biological Richness FWS has a significant presence along the Texas Gulf Coast (450,000 acres) Recreational and commercial fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico

Central Flyway (80% of the continental population of redhead ducks) Mottled duck, Ocelot, Whooping Crane Only population of federally endangered Attwaters prairie chicken Great Plains WHY? Resource Values One of the most compromised landscapes in the country

Sits atop the largest aquifer (Ogallala) in North America 6 habitat types need conservation attention Hosts more than 200 species of birds and other wildlife annually Rio Grande Watershed WHY? Partnerships

Lifeblood of New Mexico 63% of the population lives in this watershed Largest remaining cottonwood woodlands in the U.S. More than 450 species of birds utilize the RG river corridor Native fish and aquatic species of conservation concern for Texas and New Mexico

Mogollon Rim WHY? Conservation Priority/Endangered Species Recovery Mexican gray wolf, native fish Major floristic and faunal boundary of Rocky Mountains Sierra Madre Occidental Madrean Sky Islands Ponderosa pine forests critical importance to 9 declining avian species Public and private

conservation opportunities East Texas & Oklahoma Water Systems WHY? Water/Climate Change One of worlds largest limestone aquifers Enormous aquatic biological

diversity Water quality is being impacted by human activities and climate change Next Steps Creation of Emphasis Area Teams RDT members will serve as Team leads Gulf Coast Aaron Archibeque Great Plains Dana Roth

Rio Grande Greg Hughes Mogollon Rim Stewart Jacks East Texas and Oklahoma Michelle Shaughnessy Next Steps Communications Internal Workshops and Field Meetings External

Engaging Federal, State, NGO, non-traditional partners Next Steps Focusing resources on these areas: Monarch Conservation Initiative Science Support Partnership / Quick Response Program ( SSP/QRP ) Gulf Coast Funding Prairie Chicken Funding

Urban Initiative Funding Landscape Conservation Design LCD (Aransas) Cooperative Recovery Initiative Funding Land Acquisition Funds Seed money from programs to initiate target projects Next Steps

Assessment in 5 years Emphasis Areas: Strategic Working together Conservation in Region 2 Changing Our Approach

One ServiceOne Region to be More Effective

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