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API 17O HIPPS Task Group Status June 2013 01/16/2020 API 17O HIPPS Status Ballot closed 18 June 2013. Ballot passed with no negative votes Total of 133 comments. Document to be updated Work to review and agree comments. Plan to issue to API for publication 3Q 2013. Milestones Milestone Targets Completion Date API Ballot completed May 2012 Review ballot and address issues September 2012 Updated draft and address negative December 2012 votes Issued for re-ballot May 2013 Ballot closed

01/16/2020 18 June 2013 API 17O HIPPS Working Group Name Company Brian Skeels FMC Christy Lan BSEE Craig Lamison KBR Christopher Curran BP Don Ogwude CSI Eivind Koren Statoil

Jay Hursh Aker Kvaerner John Allen IntecSea Mark Marsalis Drilquip Nancy Chafe MCS Kenny Richard Barratt GE Vetco Ben Seymour Hess Reading Group Name Allen Verret Baha Tanju Brian Perilloux Brian Skeels Bruce Davidson Christy Lan Craig Lamison Christopher Curran Tim Dean John Simon

Don Ogwude Eivind Koren Gary Harrison Teguh Inarsoyo James Waithman James Wilkirson Jay Hursh Mike Conner Company Murphy Chevron Williams FMC J P Kenny BSEE KBR BP Anadarko Shell CSI Statoil BP BP Nexen Cameron Aker Kvaerner BSEE Name John Allen Loc Hoang Mark Marsalis Mendel Nock Nancy Chafe Rajam Murthy

Shyam Patel Raj Balene Richard Barratt Rod Hope Roger Bergman Mark Ezekiel Tim Powell William Taggart Tom Pagel Ben Seymour Lon Ngo Pushpal Kahar Company IntecSea Cameron Drilquip Chevron J P Kenny Chevron BP Intec GE Vetco Stress Subsea Chevron BP Devon Murphy Dril-Quip Hess Shell Dril-Quip

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    Het ontwerpen van een anti - pestlied. 2devisie: Muzische vorming is geen doel op zich, maar wordt gebruikt als middel om andere vaardigheden te ontwikkelen. Het wordt doorgetrokken naar alle leergebieden. Bv. Het zonnestelsel namaken in papier - maché.
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    alors le rapport entre la différence de température des 2 faces et le flux thermique s'appelle la résistance thermique : ???= ??−???=??×? J. s. W. Avec e l'épaisseur de la paroi, S la surface traversée et λ la conductivité thermique...