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AP EURO Unit #5 Nationalism of 19th Century Lesson #506 Foundations of Industrial Revolution Why does the Industrial Rev matter? 1. Anything called a revolution must be huge. HUUUGE, as Donald Trump says 2. The disenfranchised unemployed farmers had new hope in cities, factories, mines 3. Everything changed 1. Villages became periphery (what HAD they been to Europeans?) 2. Consumer Economy 3. Speeding up of inventions, transportation, communication, military technology, all

technology, medicine, daily lives Compare your life to a non-industrial world What WAS the Industrial Revolution? 1. What was revolutionary? 2. What changed? 3. Textbook Definition: the transition to new manufacturing processes ~1750 - 1850. 4. Characteristics:

hand production methods to machines improved efficiency of water power Transitioning to use of steam power new chemical manufacturing Leading to better iron production (more pure) the development of machine tools the rise of the factory system 5. Started with Textiles remained primary employer What changed? marks a major turning point in history almost every aspect of daily life was influenced in some way average income and standard of living exploded and continues to grow; wealth was literally created This is unprecedented in human history

Agricultural revolution fed the beast population began to exhibit unprecedented sustained growth massive growth of a middle class between nobles and peasants self made Created new standards of society Led to second industrial revolution 1840-1870 Steam transport (ship, rail) Iron more pure Oil and chemicals, and military the new focus first indust. Rev. was all about textiles, steam and iron Evolution of Europe What are the five stages of European evolution so far?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Renaissance Reformation Scientific Revolution Enlightenment Industrial revolution A. What characterized each? B. How did one cause the next? C. How was Europe creating new identifiers for individuals? Show how the Industrial

Revolution is an evolution of thinking, with thinking, society, government and economy becoming more rational, thoughtful and human. Why did it start in Britain? Societal influencers Free speech encouraged and exercised Social structure allowed for social mobility Entrepreneurial spirit permeated society Governmental influencers Stable political structure Government trusted Economic factors

What has already transpired? Enclosure movement Overseas trade and colonies Arrogance celebrated Winners on land and sea Democracy developing -Walpole and Parliament - Wigs vs. Tories Fair tax structure Stable banking structure Were already acclimated for trade sea faring Natures gifts Rivers and low areas good for canals Iron ore deposits and (more importantly) COAL MINES Spinning Jenny

Perfected by 1764 by James Hargreaves Spun 8 spindles at a time Patented with 16 spools in 1770 Increased to 120 when tied into water power Hargreaves was a poor weaver One day, his daughter knocked over his spinning wheel He watched the wheel continue to spin Conceived the idea to spin lots of wheels at once Connected 8 spindles to one wheel and hooked up a crank Ended up naming it after that clumsy daughter Water Frame Arkwright attached water wheel to Spinning Jenny Provided power and speed No linen needed for strength Pulled textiles into factories Cotton production exploded 800% 1780-1800

By 1830, represented 50% of British exports Steam Engine Thomas Newcomen (1777) For pumping water out of mines Heavy and immobile, and not real efficient James Watt (1777) Smaller More efficient https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v= sWppmWCW0Qw

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