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I N T R O D U C T I O N T O G R E E K D RA M A ! C O M PLE T E T H E GRE E K D RAM A W E B Q U E S T W I T H A N O T H E R C L A S S M AT E . DO NOW T U R N T O PAG E 2 4 7 A N D R E A D & H I G H L I G H T I M P O RTA N T I N FO R M AT I O N Antigone is a part of a TRIOLOGY. Watch these two videos and write down 20 Fun Facts!

The other two plays were Oedipus the King: And Oedipus at Colonus: A TRAGIC FAMILY! L E A R N I N G TA R G E T: M A K E I N F E R E N C E S A BO U T H O W C H A RAC T E R S , C O N F L I C T I N G M O T I VAT I O N S , A N D C H A RAC T E R R E L AT I O N S H I P S A DVA N C E T H E P LO T DO NOW! Select ONE character from page 248 and write create a character card such as this

one: Do NowRead and highlight the handout I provide you! Read the brief character sketches on page 248 and complete the chart on page 249, making inferences based on the little bit of knowledge you have on the characters. Task: You will be divided up into 5 groups Each group will be assigned a topic Each group will present a lecture on the topic Tragic Hero Group 1 Greek Theater Group 2 Sophocles

Group 3 Tragedy and the FIND YOUR NOTES FROM THE PRESENTATIONS! Trivia Game on page 252! As you compete, fill in the proper answers! DO NOW READ AND HIGHLIGHT THE HANDOUT! I C A N R U N B U T N E V E R W A L K I H AV E A M O U T H B U T N E V E R TA L K I H AV E A B E D B U T N E V E R S L E E P I H AV E A H E A D B U T N E V E R W E E P. W H AT A M I ? W H AT I S T H E C R E AT U R E T H AT WA L K S O N F O U R L E G S I N T H E M O R N I N G , T W O L E G S AT N O O N A N D T H R E E I N T H E EVENING?"

Nowwe will start reading the play! In your groups, you are going to rewrite a part of the ODE: Group 1 Chorus Strope 1(through line 139) Group 2 Chorus Antistrophe 1 Group 3 Strope 2 Group 4 Antistrophe 2 Group 5 Chorus Strope 1 DO NOW!

F I N D T H E D E F I N I T I O N F O R DY N A M I C A N D S TAT I C C H A RAC T E R O N PAG E 2 6 1 A N D C O PY I T I N T O YO U R N O T E BO O K ! C O M P L E T E T H E C H A RT O N PAG E 2 5 3 ! A N A LY S I S O F T H E O P E N I N G SCENE. Enter the King pages 262-267 Narrator King Creon Chorus Leader Chorus Guard Strophe 1

Antistrophe 1 Strophe 2 TIMED WRITE! Compare and Contrast how King Creon is at the beginning of the scene and at the end of the scene. Is King Creon STATIC or DYNAMIC? Outline your response Include a Hook, TAG, and CLAIM Include Textual Evidence and Commentary Use transitions.

DO NOW WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF JUSTICE? PROVIDE AN EXAMPLE FROM YOUR LIFE, OR FROM SOMETHING YOU HAVE READ OR WATCHED. Conflicting Motivations pages 269-277 Target: Analyze what motivates a character to act As we read, mark the text for evidence for a characters beliefs and motivations. (the Guard, Creon, Antigone, and Ismene) Todays Parts: Chorus Leader Guard Creon Antigone

Ismene Strophe I, Antistrophe I, Strophe 2, and Antistrophe 2 COMPLETE THE GRAPH ON PAGE 269! Timed Write 2 Identify 2 characters in the scene you read that have conflicting motivations and explain how their interactions advance the plot or develop a theme. Table One You are writing the introduction HOOK, TAG, CLAIM (8 sentences!) Table Two Body Paragraph One (character one and his/her motivations/beliefs, two embedded quotes, analysis, transition 8 sentences!)

Table Three Body Paragraph Two (character two and his/her motivations/beliefs, two embedded quotes, analysis, transition 8 sentences!) Table Four - Explain how these characters interactions advance the plot and develop the theme. 8 sentences! Table Five Conclusion restate CLAIM, make and Do Now Copy the definition of FOIL into your notebook. It is on page 278. Now, brainstorm a list of FAMOUS FOILS. Think, Pair, Share. As you read AN EPIC FOIC on pages 278-283 Use TWO different colors to highlight

Color one highlight evidence of Haemons character as it is revealed by his words, actions and thoughts Color two highlight Creons character traits that are revealed or emphasized through his interactions with Haemon. We need the following characters Narrator Chorus Leader Creon

Haemon Odes to Love and Death Target: To understand what the purpose of an ode is. Answer question #1 on page 285 We are going to read Odes to Love and Death on pages 285-290 Parts! Strophe Antistrophe Choral Leader Antigone Chorus Creon

Strophe I Antistrophe I Strophe 2 Antistrophe 2 Embedded Assessment A literary analysis essay on characterization and theme. With your group, read ALL of the components for the EA on page 305. Write a bulleted list of what you need to do to achieve an A on your EA! PRESENT! Create an outline for your essay, include textual evidence! On page 291, there is a chart for the purpose of EACH ode that we have read.

Each taple is going to be responsible for one ode Table #1 Ode 2 (page 266) Table #2 Ode 3 (page 275) Table #3 Ode 4 (page 285) Table #4 Ode 5 (page 289) Table #5 Ode 6 (page 297) Present to the class your findings Connections to previous scene and Functional Purpose of the ode. As each group presents, fill in the chart for a grade! Do now Write a paragraph or two of why Creon is a tragic hero OR

Why Antigone is a tragic hero With your group, complete the graphic organizer on page 293Creon as a Tragic Hero. This will be turned in for a grade. As we read Tragic Hero, ANNOTATE evidence the following: Creon as a tragic hero! Teiresias as a FOIL for Creon! Purpose of the 6th Ode We need the following characters: Narrator Teiresias

Creon Chorus Leader Strophe 1 Antistophe 1 Strophe 2 Antistrophe 2 Messenger Eurydice Chorus

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