Annual General Meeting - Bloor West Village Residents Association

1 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING & PROVINCIAL ELECTION DEBATE 2 Welcome - Agenda 7:00 7:30 pm Welcome Year in Review Financial Review Formal Motions 7:30 9:00 pm Election Candidates Debate 3 Year in Review Development

Update - 2442-2454 Bloor/Humber Theatre, discussions continue - 2115-2117 Bloor/Harcroft, rezoned for 8 storys but the developer will not be proceeding with final approval, the site is for sale - 2265-2279 Bloor/Durie, developer partnership dissolved, project will not be proceeding Save Our Village Fund (SOV) raising campaign in the Fall for the Humber reached target at the end of January 2018 - embarked on a fund Theatre OMB Appeal, Avenue Study & Heritage Conservation District HCD - advocated for these two Studies for better development control - the Avenue Study Report to be presented to Council for adoption - HCD evaluation is underway,

BWVRA is on the Advisory Group 4 Year in Review continued Bloor West Village Neighbourhood Design Guidelines developed by students with the Ryerson University Planning Faculty follow-up on a professional study required with City Planning Growing Our Membership - - paid-up Membership more than doubled over the year - our Distribution List has now grown to more than 700 Residents - completed a rebranding exercise and revamped our website - developed a new brochure and conducted an awareness campaign

Merger with Old Mill Humbercrest Neighbourhood Association - boundary of the BWVRA was extended west to the Humber River to strengthen community s position in the current negotiations 5 Year in Review continued New Bylaw - approved by the Membership at the AGM last year - practical experience has resulted in the need for some fine tuning Village Playhouse - on November 2nd partnered with the SARA - on March 1st partnered with the HPCA - hosting Dress Rehearsal performances Community Groups - continued to support the activities of Safe Rail, Green 13, LEAF

- sent out notices about their various activities & awareness campaigns Business Improvement Area (BIA) - continued to build our relationship with the BIA - supporting their initiatives/activities with notices 6 Save Our Village Fund Financial Transaction Summary April 1, 2017 March 31, 2018 Activity Credit Starting Balance April 1, 2017 26,580.71

Donations, Collections & Events 22,744.49 Bank Fees Administrative & Campaign Expenses Professional Legal Fees Professional Planner Fees -------------49,325.20 Ending Balance March 31, 2018 $38,566.59 Debit 0.00 3,244.11 2,683.75 4,830.75 ------------10,758.61

7 Association Account Financial Transaction Summary April 1, 2017 March 31, 2018 Activity Starting Balance April 1, 2017 Membership Fees Donations OMHNA Transfer Credit $ 6,448.49 3,357.75 143.95 1,137.50 Bank Fees

Hall & Table Rentals Administrative & Website Donation to SOV Ryerson Study Awareness Campaign Liability Insurance ----------------$ 11,087.69 Ending Balance March 31, 2018 Debit $ 6,322.10 7.50 410.91 82.43 2,000.00 35.00 1,101.15 1,128.60 -------------$ 4,765.59

8 Bloor West Village Residents Association Proposed Board of Directors 2018 Michael Davidson Steve Dewdney Jamie Isbister Robyn Kalda Branka Komparic Daniel Osmokrovic Brian Rutherford Jennie Steen Mark Warrack Michael Younder Jay zimmerman 9 Bylaw Amendments Bylaw

Section 3. Official Boundaries, need to be changed to include the catchment area of the former Old Mill Humbercrest Neighbourhood Association that merged with BWVRA during the year. Section 11. Meetings of the Board of Directors, need to be strengthened to require a more frequent commitment from the Directors Section 13. Meetings of the Executive Committee, need to be arranged on an ad hoc basis, not on a scheduled basis. 10

Bylaw Amendments continued Bylaw Schedule "A" Section 2.1.2 Operating Account, needs to provide protection for our on-going operation, while also providing the Board with some discretionary latitude. Section 2.2.4 & 2.2.5 Save Our Village Account, needs to ensure that the donations received from the community are used for their intended purpose and that the community is kept informed about any major commitments. 11 Motions to be voted on: Motion 1: that the BWVRA & SOV Financials be approved Motion 2: that the proposed slate of Directors be approved Motion 3: that the Bylaw Amendments be approved

Motion 4: that, concurrent with the motion approved by the Membership at the Community Meeting on October 30, 2017, any excess funds in the Association Account, not required for Operating Expenses, may be transferred to the SOV Account, to be used to cover professional fees and other expenses related to the Associations representation of the community at the OMB Appeal of the Humber Theatre development at 2442-2454 Bloor Street West . 13 Bloor West Village

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