Algorithms & Pseudocode & Flowcharts

Algorithms & Pseudocode & Flowcharts Dr. Nouf Aljaffan [email protected] Objectives Learn how to write an algorithm using Flowchart and Pseudocode Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 1- Analysis of a problem

Stages in Program Developme nt Process 2- Create the algorithm 3- Compile the program 4- Execute the program 5- Testing and Debugging the Program Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 (2) Create the algorithm

Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 Plan for solution and use basic statements and expression to develop the algorithm Computational Thinking Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 Computational Thinking

Decomposition Pattern Recognition Observing patterns, trends, and regularities in data Abstraction

Breaking down data, processes, or problems into smaller, manageable parts Identifying the general principles that generate these patterns Algorithm Design Developing the step by step instructions for solving this and similar problems

Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 Read Input Store data Sequence Calculate Compare

and branch What Can a Program Do? Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 Write Output Iterate or Loop Sequence Compare and

branch Iterate or Loop Entry Test condition p false statement a Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018

false true Exit true statement a No Planning the Solution

Pseudocode is a semi-programming language used to describe the steps in an algorithm. Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 Flowchart is a graphical representation of an algorithm.

Planning the Solution 1) Flowchart 2) Pseudocode Start/End Begin/End (not necessary) Input/Output Read/Print : read x,y Process

[An equation] : x=y+6 Comput: compute x as y+6 Decision If/ if-else / While Predefined process [function_name()]: average(x,y) Line

Not Applicable Connector Not Applicable Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 Example 1 Sequence Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018

Example 2 Compare and branch Flowchart Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 Pseudocode Example 3 Iterate or Loop Flowchart Pseudocode start

Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 End Example 4 Calling predefined processor Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 Exercise 1 Write an algorithm to find the perimeter of triangle Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018

1 Write an algorithm to find greatest of given three numbers Exercise 2 Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 2 Write an algorithm to check whether given integer value is PRIME or NOT.

Exercise 3 Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 ABC company plans to give a 6% year-end bonus to each of its employees earning Rs 6,000 or more per month , and a fixed Rs 250 bonus to the remaining employees. Write an algorithm to calculate the bonus for an employee

Conclusion The flowchart and the pseudocode were explained There are many styles of pseudocode. Flowchart could be time-consuming but a good tool in education. Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018

Question! Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018 References Nouf Aljaffan (C) 2018

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