Agropyron spicatum - University of British Columbia

How to use this study guide View the pictures of the indicator plants Look at stems, leaves, inflorescences, and other distinguishing characteristics The indicator plants are grouped by the moisture regimes they indicate = background colour

of the slides. Groups are in the following order: 1. 2. 3. 4. Very Dry to Dry (red) Fresh to Moist (green) Dry to Moist (yellow + green) Moist to Very Wet (blue) Genus species View the pictures of

the indicator plants Look at stems, leaves, inflorescences, and other distinguishing characteristics Family name common name Habitat (Elevation zone) Moisture Regime Indicated

Background colours = visual cue of moisture regime indicated http:// range/RangeID/Images/ pseudoroegeneria %20spicata1.jpg Agropyron spicatum Poaceae bluebunch wheatgrass Grasslands + dry open forests Very dry to dry

http:// d3cgb598vs7bfg.cloudfront.n et/images/uploadflashcards/front/ 5/2/17625107_m.jpg Bromus tectorum http:// us/weedboard/ other%20weeds/ cheat2.JPG Poaceae cheatgrass

Grasslands + dry open forests + disturbed sites Dry PlantGuideFolder/ BromusTectorum/ BromusTec800a.jpg Balsamorhiza sagittata Asteraceae arrow-leaved balsam root arrowleafbalsamroot/balsamorhiza_sagittata_lg.jpg

Grasslands + open forests Very dry to dry Photo: Wesley Brookes Photo: Wesley Brookes Chrysothamnus nauseosus chrysothamnus_nauseosus1341538096025.jpg Asteraceae

rabbit brush Grasslands, open forests, disturbed sites Dry http:// potd/ chrysothamnus_nauseosus2.jpg Achillea milefolium Asteraceae yarrow Photo: Wesley Brookes

Open forests, disturbed sites Very dry to moist http:// classconnection.s3.amazo 2204033/jpg/ achillea_millefolium_200 41012_2574_1_1351695 777504.jpg http:// www.anticaerboristeriaro tinture_ita/ACHILLEA %20MILLEFOLIUM.jpg Artemisia frigida Asteraceae pasture sage http:// www.blackfootna wp-content/ uploads/wppa/ 149.jpg Grasslands,

open forests, overgrazed sites Dry http:// upload.wikimedia .org/wikipedia/ commons/7/75/ Artemisia_absinth ium_(5018423476 ).jpg Opuntia fragilis Cactaceae prickly pear cactus Grasslands + open PP forests + rock outcrops Very dry Photo: Wesley Brookes Sedum lanceolatum sedum_rubrotinctum.jpg Crassulaceae

lance-leaved stonecrop Open grassy slopes, sandy benches, ridges, rock outcrops Dry http:// m/Yellow%20Enlarged %20Photos/3amla.jpg Juniperus communis Cupressaceae common juniper Open forests,

rock outcrops Photo: Wesley Brookes Very dry to dry http:// ajaveeb/vons/wpcontent/uploads/ 2010/09/ Allium cernuum http:// jardinsmichel

images/ allium %20cernuum .jpg Liliaceae nodding onion Dry open woods, exposed grassy places, rocky crevices, with Douglas-fir Dry http://

Allium %20cernuum.jpg Geum triflorum Rosaceae old mans whiskers Photo: Wesley Brookes articleimages/dandelion3.jpg Open calcareous grassy sites, open dry forest, subalpine meadows Dry

http:// www.grandmorainegr Geum Penstemon fruticosus Scrophulariaceae showy penstemon Rocky sites, open forest Dry http://

static/images/plant/ resized/ Penstemon_fruticosus_70 Selaginella densa Selaginellaceae compact selaginella lycopsida/selaginellaceae/selaginella/rupestris.jpg Selaginella_densa,_entire,I_GY609.jpg Dry, exposed ridges, grasslands,

rocky outcrops, submontane alpine Dry Cladonia spp. Parmeliaceae Cladonia lichens Over mineral soil, rock, humus + decaying wood in open dry forests and grasslands, Submontane subalpine Dry

Calamagrostis rubescens Poaceae pinegrass Forests Dry to fresh range/RangeID/Images/ calamagrostis %20rubescens1.jpg nature/cascade/mtadams/ poaceae/calamagrostis/

rubescens/rubescens2a.jpg RangeID/Images/festuca %20campestris1.jpg Festuca scabrella Poaceae rough fescue Grasslands + forest openings Moist http:// images/

grid24_12/8090/s/ images/plants/524/ Poa_scabrella.jpg wikipedia/commons/b/b2/ Starr_0010268001_Poa_pratensis.jpg Poa pratensis Poaceae Kentucky bluegrass Grasslands,

open forests, wetlands Moist Arnica latifolia Asteraceae mountain arnica Montane forests Fresh to moist Arnica cordifolia Asteraceae heart-leaved arnica Montane forests %20cordifolia1.jpg Photo: Wesley Brookes Fresh to moist Photo: Wesley Brookes Artemisia tridentata Asteraceae big sagebrush Grasslands Dry to fresh %20sagebrush.jpg uploads/2012/01/Artemisiatridentata-foliage-Mather.jpg Aralia nudicaulis Araliaceae wild sarsaparilla Shaded forests, mixedwoods images/plants/originals/ Aralia_nudicaulis%23740b%23.jpg Araliaceae_pics/ Aralia_nudicaulis.jpg Fresh to moist Linnaea borealis Caprifoliaceae twinflower openclosed forests Fresh to moist http:// uploaded/images/plants/ plant_10316/ plant_linnaea_borealis__1_47.j pg?1274379991 Photo: Wesley Brookes Symphoricarpos albus Caprifoliaceae common snowberry Open forests, grass openings, rock outcrops

Dry to fresh http:// www.turtlepuddle .org/pix/Flowers/ Lupinus.jpg Lupinus arcticus Fabaceae arctic lupine High-elevation meadows and subalpine forests; medium-elevation

open forests Fresh to moist dc57ecbfc3f6a5910aeb98b907b4ae ef.jpg Lupinus sericeus Fabaceae silky lupine Grasslands, open PP forests, disturbed sites Dry to fresh biP5yz9qy0DiIZDcwRNfcQ_m.j pg Vaccinium scoparium Ericaceae grouseberry Open conifer montane forests Dry to moist http:// flowerpics/whortleberry15-150x150.jpg

Streptopus roseus Liliaceae rosy twistedstalk Moist forests + openings, streambanks, meadows Fresh to moist http:// photo/3411457sm.jpg

Chimaphila umbellata Ericaceae princes pine http:// www.homeopathyand med_images/ CHIMAPHILA_UMBELL ATA.jpg Mossy well-drained conifer forests, clearings Dry to fresh http://

www.wildflowersbydonn Aster conspicuus Asteraceae showy aster http:// www.wildaboutflower uploads/ Showy_Aster_Bloom.g if Open forests, meadows + clearings

Dry to moist https:// lh6.googleusercon AAAAAAAAYlA/ VgT7HJR-Z_I/s0/ http:// imgs/ 512x768/0000_0000/0507 /0799.jpeg Vaccinium caespitosum

Ericaceae dwarf blueberry Mossy conifer montane forests, wet meadows, mountain slopes, alpine tundra Dry to moist propplnt/Plants/Vaccinium %20caespitosum_files/image003.gif Pachistima myrsenites

pachistima/pachistima-flikr235.jpg Celastraceae falsebox Openclosed forests Dry to moist Botanie3/DSCN9892e.JPG Shepherdia canadensis Elaeagnaceae

Soopallalie Open forests Dry to moist images/managecontent/514b79a25334a67.gif http:// uk/priority/ images/big/26.jpg Orthilia secunda Ericaceae one-sided wintergreen

Mossy coniferous forests, submontane to subalpine Dry to moist euroflora/ 201003252017352d3.jpg Fragaria virginiana Rosaceae wild strawberry Open forests,

disturbed sites, submontane to subalpine Dry to moist http:// Amelanchier alnifolia Rosaceae Saskatoon Open forests, grasslands Dry to moist amelanchier.jpg

Spiraea betulifolia marubashimotuke3_070528.JPG Rosaceae birch-leaved spirea Open forests Dry to moist bilder/Spiraeabetulifolia_liten.jpg Peltigera aphthosa

Parmeliaceae Pelt lichen Over moss, humus, rocks, decaying logs in open forests %2BBuskerud%2BSigdal_O%3DTimdal_D%3D20030830_C%3DET_I%3D1.jpg Dry to moist Pleurozium schreberi Parmeliaceae red-stemmed feathermoss Coniferous forest floors,

on humus and logs, submontane-subalpine Dry to moist Ptilium crista-castrensis Parmeliaceae knights plume Coniferous forest floors, on humus, logs, rocks, submontane-subalpine Dry to moist Adolf Ceska

Calamagrostis canadensis Poaceae bluejoint Forests, meadows, wetlands, clearings Moist to wet Monocots/Calamagrotis%20C.jpg Carex spp. Cyperaceae sedge Ewan Anderson

Commonly in fens, bogs, wetlands, wet forests, lakeshores Mostly wet Senecio triangularis Asteraceae arrow-leaved groundsel Meadows, streambanks, slide tracks, open forest,

mostly subalpine-alpine Moist to wet pelserpb/5_12_09_1/12May2008/ SenecioTriangularis5.jpg.thb.jpg Betula glandulosa Betulaceae scrub birch Fens, wetlands, seepage areas, streambanks, montanesubalpine

Moist to wet Alnus tenuifolia Betulaceae mountain alder Edges of streams, ponds, lakes, swamps; submontanesubalpine Moist to wet Lonicera utahensis Caprifoliaceae Utah honeysuckle

Forest openings + clearings Moist to wet Source: Walter Sigmund Lonicera involucrata Caprifoliaceae black twinberry product_full/lonicera_involucrata_a.jpg Moist forests, clearings, riparian areas, swamps

Moist to wet Ledum glandulosum http:// wikipedia/commons/ 7/70/ Ledum_glandulosum_74 86.JPG Ericaceae trappers tea Montane conifer forests, bogs, wet depressions,

acidic soils Moist to wet dereilaimages/ TrappersTea.jpg Trollius laxus Ranunculaceae globe flower Meadows, seepage sites, streambanks, high-elevation snowbeds

Wet images/trollius/t_laxus.jpg %20integra%20'Flamingo'%20(6).jpg Salix spp. Salicaceae willow Riparian areas, meadows, wetlands, moist clearings Fresh to wet

http:// wikipedia/commons/3/3e/ Willow_Salix_babylonica.jpg Cladina spp. Parmeliaceae reindeer lichens Open conifer forests, submontane-subalpine Dry to wet LargePhotos/D3/


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