Acdv B70e - Bc

ACDV B70E Memory Strategies for Academic Success WHAT DO YOU

REMEMBER? Tuesday Thursday Repetition

Wee Introduction to Memory & k1 Tour of SS Building Traditional Memory Aids Wee k2

Imagery & Associations Mnemonics &

Acronyms Wee k3 Music &

Movement Final Project Presentations IMAGERY & ASSOCIATIONS

Day 3 IMAGERY Also known as visualization. Forming visual images. STYLES OF LEARNING

WHATS YOUR LEARNING STYLE?? Get out your phones or just write on paper. Go to Play

HOW TO USE VISUALIZATIONS Use your imagination to create vivid mental images of the ideas. Ber

g Kuche n Strand

ASSOCIATIONS Links or connections between two or more things WHY USE ASSOCIATIONS? The more links you can create to a

memory, the strong the connection can be, the easier it is for the brain to retrieve it EXAMPLE Name-to-face idea

- name - face - job - family - what their name reminds you of WAYS TO CREATE

ASSOCIATIONS - use words previous memories images songs

locations diagrams - videos Ways to Study

SUMMARY AND REFLECTION What type of learner are you? Do you think visualization and association will work for you?

HOMEWORK Online Choose one thing you want to commit to long-term memory and list 7 different associations.

Watch 2 Videos on memory ACDV B70E Memory Strategies for Academic

Success IMPROVING YOUR MEMORY 1. Be flexible 2. Overlearn 3. Schedule

4. Rephrase and Explain 5. Eliminate accidental and unrelated associations 6. Eliminate previous mistakes 7. Prioritize 8. Get emotionally involved 9. Utilize mechanical memory aids

MNEMONICS Day 42 MNEMONIC a device such as a pattern of letters, ideas, or associations that

assists in remembering something. TYPES OF MNEMONICS 1. 2.

3. 4. 5. 6. Songs & Rhymes Names & Acrostics / Acronyms

Models Associations (word or visual) Chunking & Organizing Method of Loci ACROSTIC a poem, word puzzle, or other

composition in which certain letters in each line form a word or words. ACRONYM an abbreviation used as a word formed from the initial letters in a


ROY G. BIV Colors of the spectrum PVT. TIM HALL Essential Amino

Acids FOIL WORD ASSOCIATION Connecting parts of a word to an idea to remember the meaning o

spelling PRINCIPAL OR PRINCIPLE Principal - The most important person, head or chief of the

school is a pal Principle rule, law LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE Longitude is long. It passes north pole and

south pole. It's vertical lines. Latitude is horizontal lines. Think of it as the horizontal lines in ladder.

HOMEWORK Create or find an acronym or acrostic for an important concept in one of your classes.

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