Aaep Raceday Injury Management - Ntra

AAEP RACEDAY INJURY MANAGEMENT Lynn Rolland Hovda, DVM, MS Chief Commission Veterinarian Minnesota Racing Commission AAEP

American Association of Equine Practitioners Founded in 1954 Dedicated to health and welfare of the horse 9000 members worldwide

All breeds, all breed organizations Racing Committee developed guidelines for race day injury management AAEP Racing Committee February 2016 Staffing and Personnel Automotive Equipment Equine ambulance and chase vehicle

Emergency treatment Communication Injury Management Duties Media Relations Goals Reduce occurrence and severity of equine injuries Provide emergency management for injured

horse Rapid response Accurate assessment Best management possible Injury Management Plan

Important to plan Execute your plan All emergency personnel involved Specific locations Specific duties

CBY Plan

Commission veterinarians Practicing veterinarians (backside DVMs) CBY Director of Security Track superintendent Chase truck driver / starting gate Ambulance driver Outriders U of M Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

CBY Discussion Items On and off the racing surface Dirt track Turf track Between the two Other areas Ambulance driver skills Backing !

Use of equine slide Gate Injuries AAEP Injury Management Personnel Veterinarians Minimum of two for track

Horse handler Skilled Screening personnel Trained in use and placement AAEP Injury Management Equipment

Chase vehicle Equine ambulance(s) Emergency bags or boxes Chase Vehicle DVM in vehicle to follow the field Staffed with driver able to handle injured horse Unacceptable for DVM to travel on foot

Using human ambulance not recommended Need appropriate plan for sloppy conditions CBY plan for turf races Equine Ambulance(s) Primary and backup ambulance Primary staffed with driver when horses are on the track Positioning between horse and public

Other features Lowers to ground Sliding center partition Human barrier Winch and slide CBY ambulances Primary few additions Air conditioner

Water tank Screens Doors Secondary Transport to UMVDL Winch and long cable for pool area Ambulance / Chase Vehicle Equipment

Medication Bag Kimzey splint / compression boot Bandage material Halters and lead shanks Ice water, buckets, etc. (CBY ice blanket) Curtains or screens Rescue sled Bolt cutters

Emergency Bags Contents vary by Racing jurisdiction Location on track (paddock, chase vehicle ,etc.) AAEP Recommendations Sedative Short acting corticosteroid Euthanasia solution

Needles/syringes Vet Wrap and pads Stethoscope Supplies to collect blood samples AAEP Recommended Medications Large Bag Chase Vehicle

Small Bags Paddock, Office, Detention Barn AAEP Injury Management Communication Two way radios Best practice - separate channel for private conversation

Cell phones Group listing of important numbers Transfer to private practitioner CBY done in detention barn Media One specific DVM in charge AAEP Injury Management

Location Racetrack Paddock Off-track (pre and post race) Racetrack Main Track Rapid call to horse ambulance (location) Physical and chemical restraint

Starting Gate Observation during post parade and at gate Examine poorly behaved horses Consider a scratch wounds, lame, head trauma Turf Track Location of on and off gaps

Paddock Paddock DVM monitors horses Consider scratch lame, wounds, head trauma Plan for dealing with paddock injuries Emergency bag Ambulance access Screens People management security

Off Track Pre and Post Race Horses can unexpectedly wind up in unpredictable locations on the grounds of a racetrack Bridle path Parking lot Dumpsters Shrubs

Swimming pool Plan for this . And then plan again Rapid response is necessary Special Consideration Catastrophic Injury Prompt response Screens if needed

Make EVERY effort to load into ambulance before euthanasia Equine slide or rescue device No chains or cables around the neck or limb Secure, enclosed area for deceased horses Special Consideration Multiple Incidents in Same Race

Communication is key to success Quick assessment CBY All commission DVMs respond Lead test barn technician responds as well Special Consideration Heat Stroke Ice, ice water, ice or cooling blanket, hoses,

and rubbing alcohol Necessary medications (vary by jurisdiction) Keep horses moving if possible and then load into ambulance when calm Note: Often not possible as they fall down on the track or in the ambulance Address media questions

Ambulance Reporting Canterbury Park Televised Race Days Big Event Days

Extra DVM on hand Really big events team of specialists Meeting with all personnel prior to event Location of equine hospitals and mode of transportation AAEP On Call DVMs for really big events

Thank You

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