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Eaton Corporation An Overview 2007 Eaton Corporation. All rights reserved. Eaton Worldwide Founded in 1911 by J.O. Eaton World Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio USA Customers in more than 140 countries More than 64,000 employees worldwide

Chairman & CEO Alexander M. Cutler 2 Our Vision Eatons Vision To be the most admired company in our markets. Measured by Customers say: We want to do more business with Eaton. Shareholders say: Eaton is one of my best investments. Employees say: I am proud to be part of the Eaton team.

3 How We Create Value for Customers 4 Not just designing hydraulic system equipment for the worlds largest aircraft but making it far lighter and more fuel efficient to operate Not just delivering the high-performance to make driving fun, but delivering the better fuel economy to make it smart as well Not just creating electrical power chain systems but ensuring that the clean, vital power is always on reliably, safely and economically

Not just developing automated transmissions for trucking fleets but making hundreds of millions of miles of safer and fuel-efficient driving possible The Eaton Business System An Integrated Operating Model that orchestrates all our operations, practices and functions: 5 Focused on growth and operational excellence Driving standardization & best practices Deeply embedded in Eaton worldwide

We Care How We Get Results Were here to achieve great results, but each of us must demonstrate that we care intensely about how we get those results. They are worth little and are unlikely to endure if achieved unethically. - Alexander M. Cutler Chairman & CEO 6 Sustainability by Design - Inherent in Everything Eaton Does Making a positive difference in the world by going beyond compliance.

Building stronger communities Creating a world-class workplace Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions Minimize and effectively manage waste Conserve, reuse and effectively treat water Sustainable technology innovations: Eatons Hybrid Power Systems Industry-leading POW-R-Command lighting control system High-pressure systems for aircrafts Fuel efficient superchargers Eatons valve actuation technology

7 Eaton Is Being Recognized for Doing Business Right CROs Best Corporate Citizen by Industry 2007 award Most Committed Multinational Award from Foreign Investment in China magazine One of the 2007 Worlds Most Ethical Companies award by Ethisphere magazine 8

Our Business Groups Electrical Fluid Power A premier diversified industrial manufacturer A global leader in: Electrical systems and components for power quality, distribution and control Fluid power systems and services for industrial, mobile and aircraft equipment

Intelligent truck drivetrain systems for safety and fuel economy 9 Truck Automotive Automotive engine air management systems, powertrain solutions and specialty controls for performance, fuel economy and safety Well Known Product Names Recognized around the world for quality and innovation Preferred by many

manufacturing and industrial organizations on every continent 10 Aeroquip Airflex Argo-Tech Bill Boston Carter Char-Lynn Cutler-Hammer Eaton Elek Fuller Golf Pride Holec

Hydro-Line MEM MGE Office Protection Systems Powerware Roadranger Synflex Vickers Walterscheid Weatherhead Markets Served Industrial Facilities Mobile/Industrial Platforms Manufacturing Plants Agriculture Chemical Processing Plants

Construction Food Processing Plants Forestry Shipping & Distribution Facilities Industrial Automation & Control Utility Infrastructure Metals & Mining Paper & Paper Product Rubber & Plastics Specialty Equipment Textile Wire & Cable 11 Markets Served

Commercial/Institutional Facility Telecom/Data Centers Arenas/Stadiums Cable & Satellite Airport Terminals Datacenter & Networking Infrastructure Hospitals Natural Gas Education Telecommunications Infrastructure Corporate/Office Property

Wireless Mass Transit Infrastructure Retail Complexes Test/Instrumentation 12 Markets Served Transportation Military/Defense Aircraft Air Force Truck & Commercial Vehicles Army

Automotive Navy Marine Space Rail & Mass Transit 13 Markets Served Sports/Leisure Residential Motorsports Construction

Cruise Lines Security Golf Safety Parks/Theaters 14 Markets Served Utility Civil/Offshore Alternative Energy Sources Dams/Locks

Electric Bridges Natural Gas Dredging Oil & Gas Oil Platforms Water 15 A Few of Our Notable Customers Every day, some of the best-known companies in the world choose Eaton when theres a lot at stake. Our customer list includes: JOHN DEERE

16 Serving Many Industries Sharing One Focus 17 Understanding and helping our customers succeed. Knowing whats important to our customers. Whats Important to You? Controlling a plane that is as big as a football field? Producing pulse-pounding horsepower while still conserving energy?

Performing surgery in the middle of a blackout? Driving a 60-ton truck with ease? 18 CleanResources & A Strategic Alliance formed to bring You the Best www.cleanresources.net www.eaton.com 2007 Eaton Corporation. All rights reserved.

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