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9-3: Rotations Rigor: Students will rotate figures about a point on and off the coordinate plane. Relevance: Rotations describe movement. Rotations Turn to page 383-384 in your core book and highlight: A rotation turns all points about a point

called the center of rotation. Rotation is always counterclockwise unless otherwise specified Function Notation: center of rotation r (Q, xo) (pre-image)

angle of rotation A Rotation is: a rigid transformation, image is the same distance from center as pre-image, all points rotate to image by the same angle of rotation. Exploration On a piece of graph paper, use a straight edge to draw a coordinate plane with ABC with ABC with coordinates A(2,3), B(7, 8), and C(4, 5).

Place a piece of scratch paper on top of ABC with ABC and trace it, forming ABC with ABC. Place your pencil on C (center of rotation) and turn ABC with ABC. Notice how ABC with ABC moves in relation to ABC with ABC. Now let the origin be the center of rotation. does the triangle move differently? How

Special Rotations in the Coordinate Plane Highlight on pg 385, add function notation Examples from the core book Rotating about the origin: EX 3 pg 385 (Label vertices A, B, C, D) Also rotate ABCD 90 and 180 Rotating about another point: EX 2 pg o

0 384 (use tracing paper to check!) Rotations in Regular Polygons A regular polygon has congruent sides and congruent interior angles. You can divide any regular polygon into congruent triangles.

When you rotate a regular polygon about its center, the sides will line up when you rotate it a certain number of degrees, called the central angle. Example Point X is the center of the regular polygon PENTA. What is the image for the given rotations? A)

72o rotation of E about X. B) r (216o, X) () Real Life Example The London Eye observation wheel takes 30min to make a complete rotation. What is the angle of rotation of a car after 5 minutes? How many minutes would it take for the car to rotate 270 o? 9-3 Classwork/Homework

9-3 Classwork from the core book: pg 386-387 #1 3, 5 8 9-3 Homework from the core book: Pg 389 #5 10 Pg 390 #1, 3, 4, 5, 7

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