2018 Campaign Management Training - CFCNCA

2018 Campaign Management Training Agenda About the CFC Your Role & Responsibilities Resources & Tools Campaign Events page

2 About the CFC page 3 CFC Quiz

The CFC has been around for 57 years. How much money have generous federal employees donated during that time? Who is eligible to donate through the CFC?

Does the CFC accept cash donations? What are the ways to make a pledge?

What can donors pledge in addition to money? page 4 Why the CFC

Confidence Convenience Choice page 5 How the CFC Works Step 1: Motivated campaign workers invite their colleagues to make a pledge. Step 2: Federal employees, retirees, and contractors choose

their cause. Step 3: Donors pledge dollars and volunteer hours, either online or with a paper pledge form. Step 4: The charities chosen by the donors receive funds throughout the year. Step 5: Beneficiaries receive help and hope! page 6

The CFC Impact page 7 Who Can Pledge page 8

2018 Enhancements Improved online pledge experience Enhanced online charity search Reorganized, user-friendly paper pledge form New hire pledging page 9

Your role as a Campaign Manager/ Coordinator page 10 Pre-Campaign Responsibilities Get Connected

Prepare your Reporting Unit List Develop a Campaign Plan Brief your Leadership Order Supplies Recruit and Train Keyworkers page 11 Active Campaign Responsibilities Involve Leadership

Motivate Keyworkers Hold a Campaign Event Publicize, Publicize, Publicize Collect and Submit Paper Pledges page 12 Campaign Culmination Responsibilities

Mission accomplished! Recognize Success Provide Feedback Create a Continuity Book page 13

Campaign Materials, Resources & Tools page 14 Campaign Management Guide

page 15 Online Resources page 16 Pledge Submission Materials

page 17 Campaign Events page 18

Why have campaign events? Build excitement Employee engagement Powerful motivation page 19

Event Guidelines and Regulations Events supplement the campaign, but do not replace the ask by a Keyworker. Cash fundraisers are not permitted. CFC funds cannot be used for food, drink, prizes or entertainment. Follow your department or agencys specific regulations and ethics guidelines. page

20 Types of Events Awareness Charity Fair Guest speaker Special Competitions

Contests Recognition Awards Ceremony Thank-you Pot Luck page 21

Steps to a Successful Event Publicize. Establish a committee. Request leadership support.

Follow the checklist. page 22 Questions

page 23 Thank you For more information, be sure to visit [cfcnca.org] or [facebook.com/cfcnca] [twitter.com/cfcnca] page 24

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