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2016 Executive Summary Subscriber Profile Reach Business Owners and Senior-Level Executives: President / C18.00% 30.00% Subscribers E-mail Newsletter Published 5x/week as of July 20th, 2016 level / Owner All subscribers are ASME members who opt in. Engineer Reach senior-level managers and engineering teams in high-profile companies such as: Baker Hughes Honeywell Bechtel IBM Boeing Ingersoll Rand BP Global

Lockheed Martin Chevron NASA Duke Energy National Grid Dupont Northrop Grumman Exxonmobil Pratt & Whitney Fluor Raythen General Electric Schlumberger General Motors Sandia National Labs Halliburton Westinghouse Electric Director/ Manager/ Supervisor 52.00% Target Large Engineering Companies: 36,561 2 Sample Email

Newsletter What is ASME SmartBrief? An opt-in, e-mail newsletter, read by highlyengaged engineers/managers interested in news pertaining to entrepreneurship. Comprised of the days top news about and for entrepreneurs, sourced from hundreds of top media outlets and trade publications. Praise for ASME SmartBrief: Its about more than just awareness building. It has had a definite impact on how I do business. The information is so timely and far-reaching that it helps me to think about innovation and development going forward. CEO When I meet with clients, I am better-informed. I know things [they] havent heard yet, and it allows me to speak knowledgeably about a wide range of topics. It is a great confidence-builder. President & CEO 3 Sample Dedicated Send Email Sponsors can leverage the ASME SmartBrief e-newsletter platform to send a timely, tailored message to the entire 34,000+ subscriber base all of whom have opted in to receive third-party communications sent on behalf of a vendor. The Dedicated Send sponsorship gives you the unique opportunity to send an exclusive, 100% ad-content e-mail which can be used for lead generation, important announcements or branding. It can also be used to leverage more of your organizations content and insight with an advertorial flavor.

The average open rate (40%+) and click thru rates (4%+) are significantly higher than industry standards. SmartBrief dedicated sends can be published once per week. Reservations are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Engineers Respond to ASME SmartBrief I am the Webmaster Administrator, and hardly a day goes by that I do not find an article in your newsletter that I share on our Facebook page. Thanks for providing such interesting, diverse articles. I really like this SmartBrief update and news bulletin. I look forward to these updates every day. I am glad to subscribe to your valuable news pack, which is going to help me lot in future. Great publications, many thanks. I look forward to reading ASME SmartBrief daily. It is the best and only engineering daily newsletter that I subscribe to! SmartBrief is a GREAT idea. I love it. I'm sending it to all my colleagues, interested engineers. These SmartBriefs are a great idea! Please keep them coming. I like the concept and format. Just started SmartBrief and they are Great!!! Kudos to all at ASME for bringing this service to the Membership! Ive really been enjoying the new SmartBrief email I receive in my inbox. The links have been very relevant to my field and an interesting way to take a break from my regular work. The newsletter is great. This is one of the best ideas that ASME has come up with. The content is very interesting. Keep them coming! I greatly appreciate this service. In a commercial environment that focuses on immediacy and efficiency, it is helpful to have a source of technology news that emphasizes succinctness without compromising value. Thank you for this wonderful channel of information. 4 Company Type Company Type Energy

Manufacturing Consulting Higher Education Aerospace & Aviation Government Construction Utilities Automotive Professional Services Industrial Supplies & Equipment Healthcare & Biotechnology Computer & Electronics/IT Chemicals Transportation Food/Beverages Subscribers 3,959 3,516 3,359 3,452 1,706 1,127 968 808 825 751 680 505 348 447 177

145 5 Position/Function Engineering Research & Development Professor/academic Consultant Project Management Executive Management Operations Staff Technician Sales Marketing Customer Service IT Legal Accouting/finance Hr Architecture Regulatory 6 Title

Owner/Principal 1,749 Chairman/CEO 453 President 752 VP/ Executive VP/ Senior VP Other corporate level 147 Director 1,374 Supervisor 1,097 Manager 3,538 Professional9,065 Staff 2,612 669 7 Highly Engaged and Responsive We continue recruiting new subscribers from our growing member base. Average Open Rate: 30.0% Clickthrough Rate: 7.6% Issue Date Mar. 4, 2015 Total Sent

33,733 Unique Opens 10,483 Clicks 3,091 Mar. 5, 2015 33,736 10,043 1,949 Mar. 6, 2015 33,727 10,202 3,294 Mar. 7, 2015 33,721 10,050 2,481

Mar. 8, 2015 33,712 9,784 1,966 Weeks Totals 168,629 50,562 12,781 9 Data-Driven Reporting It pays to be data-driven. Is your ad reaching the right audience? Are you getting the ROI you hoped for? With a SmartBrief campaign, youll never have to wonder. Our best-in-class reporting tools provide all the data you need for greater certainty and smarter decisions: Reach Impressions Total clicks Click-through rates Best of all, we go beyond the aggregate data to show you exactly whos interacting with your ad right down

to company name and job title. No more mystery. No more hunches. No more extrapolation. Nowhere else will you find this level of detailed reporting. Its what makes SmartBrief your advertising partnerand not just another advertising platform. 10 Premium Ad Unit Sizes Leaderboard A A $1,000/issue Size: 728 x 90 pixels. 40k maximum; .gif or .jpg Click Through URL Alternate text (100 characters maximum) can be embedded behind image No limits on animation, maximum 4 frames recommended Premium Size Rectangle Ad B

B $1,000/issue Size: 300 x 250 pixels. 30k maximum; .gif or .jpg Click Through URL No limits on animation, maximum 4 frames recommended Premium Unit: One per brief per day The Premium Size Rectangle Ad (B) is available for any position in the News Section. 11 Standard Ad Unit Sizes News Section Ads C $400 to $1,000/issue, based on position Choose from these three options: Option 1: Rectangle Text Ad Logo: Ad120 x 60 pixels. 30k maximum; .gif or .jpg C D Headline: 50 characters, excluding spaces Ad Image: 180 x 150 pixels. 30k maximum; .gif or .jpg

Copy: 300 characters maximum, excluding spaces Click Through URL Option 2: Outline Ad D E E Ad Logo: 120 x 60 pixels. 30k maximum; .gif or .jpg Headline: 50 characters, excluding spaces Copy: 300 characters maximum, excluding spaces Click Through URL Ad Logo: 120 x 60 pixels. 30k maximum; .gif or .jpg Banner: 468 x 60 pixels. 30k maximum; .gif or .jpg Click Through URL

Alternate text (100 characters maximum) can be embedded behind image No limits on animation, maximum 4 frames recommended Option 3: Banner Ad The Buzz Text Ad F F $200/issue Copy: 300 characters maximum, excluding spaces Click Through URL 12 Positioning News Section Todays Tech Buzz $1,000/issue Global Window $800/issue Exclusive Opportunities Mondays

Spotlight on Energy $800/issue Wednesdays Spotlight on Transportation $800/issue Fridays Spotlight on Biotechnology $800/issue Innovation & Trends $600/issue Leadership & Development $600/issue SmartQuote $400/issue 13 Conference Specials NEW ALERT DAILY News and information about major ASME conferences. For more information, speak with your sales representative or

Greg Valero, Manager, Integrated Media Sales, at 212-591-8356; [email protected] 14 Advertising Specs EMAIL ADVERTISING TIPS Include branding and important information on the first frame when using animated .gifs; they will not animate in versions of Outlook 2007 and later (~15% of readership). Flash files will not render in email. SmartBrief can use 3rd party click tags but cannot allow 3rd party ad serving. All materials are due 5 business days prior to the ad run date. Send ad material to James Pero at [email protected] 15

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